How to manage your Token Republic Tokens (TRG)


What is NULS Wallet?

We recommend the NULS web wallet for ease of use and convenience for staking. Agent (masternode) operators need to use the desktop wallet to perform node operations.

NULS Web Wallet Setup:

The web wallet features full staking and voting capabilities. You do not need to leave the wallet running to receive staking rewards. NULS staking allows you to earn rewards while your PC is off. Before using any wallet, please be sure to back up your private key, keystore file, and password to a safe place. Additionally, it is recommended to use incognito mode, or turn off browser add-ons to further ensure the safety of your tokens.

Step 1 :

Create an Address or Import a Private Key at

When creating an address please use a strong password.


Step 2 :

Once created, please backup your wallet!

Please keep your private key. If you lose it, wallet will not be able to retrieve it for you

Step 3 :

You can manage your TRG tokens under the “Assets” tab of the NULS wallet and begin sending and receiving tokens.



Sending and Receiving TRG

Please refer to the sending and receiving TRG tab on this page for more information.


How to transfer your TRG with others?

For Sending TRG

Access the “Transfer” tab on the NULS Web Wallet and fill out the required information.

Receiver: the address of the wallet you are transferring to.

Asset Type: If you are wanting to send TRG, select TRG.

Transfer Amount.

note: there will be a small network fee of 0.001 NULS

For Receiving TRG

Provide the sender with either,
1. The address of your NULS wallet

2. A QR code can be generated in the “Assets” page beside your wallet address.









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